Final Response

The future of media is clearly starting to lean on interactive media. We can see through games, movies, and even television that media is changing. A great example of this is the game “Minecraft Story Mode“. In this game, you get to play through an interactive adventure style RPG game. Along the way, your character will experience multiple different choices and you get to choose which path they take. Picking between the different choices directly affects the outcome of the game. This is very cool because you could theoretically, play the game 5 or even 50 times through and keep getting different endings and choices. Interactive media is such an interesting form of media because it shows how creative directors and designers are getting.

2 thoughts on “Final Response

  1. This was great! I appreciate the examples you used, as you included links and videos to help your audience better understand what you are talking about. I would like to see a couple more examples of other forms of interactive media. Perhaps in Film or even in board games. Keep up the great work!


  2. I like that you used Minecraft for your example of interactive fiction because the game on its own—before Minecraft Story Mode—is already very interactive. And by adding a story dimension to the game, you enhance that interactive experience.


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